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Dry Storage


Long-term Dry Storage Rates:

  • Month to month, 3 month minimum:   $13 per foot. *
  • Month to month, less than 3 months:  $19/feet*
  • Annual:      $11 per foot*
* All vessels are measured based on the physical overall length. Additional charges for height overages apply. For every foot over 8’ in height, two feet are added to the measured length to calculate the monthly charge.

Daily Dry Storage Rates:

 Forklift Haul-Out, Block, & Launch  $12.00 per foot
 After Hours Haul-Out  $20.00 per foot
 Dry Storage Yard - Daily Rate  $1.00 per foot
 Dry Storage Yard - Daily Rate (inside)  $1.50 per foot
 Trailer Haul-Out or Launch
(1/2 hour minimum - $150 per hour, after first hour)
 $12.00 per foot
 Service Labor (1 hour minimum)  $115.00 per hour
 Forklift/Telescoping Lift/Man Lift Fee (includes operator)  $200.00 per operation hour
 Waste Oil Disposal Fee  $2.00 per gallon
 Charge Batteries  $25.00
 Environmental Fee  $20.00


2017 Barber Marina Dry Storage Service Agreement.pdf




Haul-Out, Block, & Launch (under 49’)  $11.50 per foot ($300.00 minimum)
Haul-Out, Block, & Launch (50' to 69')  $13.50 per foot
Haul-Out, Block & Launch (70’ and over)  $15.50 per foot
After Hours Haul-Out  Standard rates plus $15.00 per foot
Trailer Haul-Out or Launch
(1 hour maximum/$150.00 per hour after)
(1/2 hour minimum - $150 per hour, after first hour)
 $13.50 per foot
Reposition Blocks  $10.00 per foot
Pressure Washing and Scraping
(extra charge for excess scraping $2.00 per foot)
 $3.75 per foot (under 60')
 $4.25 per foot (60' and over)
Wet Work Slip  $1.25 per foot per day
Daily Boat Yard Fee  $1.00 per foot per day
Boat Yard Labor  $75.00 per hour
Boatyard Service Labor   $115.00 per hour
Telescoping Life / Main Lift Fee (includes operator)   $200.00 per operation/hour
Waste Oil Disposal Fee   $2.00 per gallon
Scaffolding Rental   $9.00 per set per day
Covered Boat Storage   $2.00 per foot per day
Environmental Fee   $37.50


NOTE:  Barber Marina Service Agreement must be signed before a Haul-Out or any work begins. All service agreements and work orders must be settled at the Ship's Store before the vessel will be released. Barber Marina accepts checks, cash and major credit cards. Prices are subject to change without notice.



2017 Barber Marina Boatyard Service Agreement.pdf





2018 Barber Marina Hurricane Plan Agreement.pdf

Marina Slip Layout.pdf

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